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Why is Ice Better for Muscle Recovery? 10 / 15 / 2012

When it comes to the best methods for athletes to expedite muscle recovery, there tend to be two schools of thoughts: 

  1. Heat is best.
  2. Ice is best.

While both have their advantages, ice tends to be the preferred method for most injuries, in addition to one of the most important aspects: rest. explains why ice works so well for so many injuries.

“Your muscles experience tiny tears during tough training sessions,” the site reports. “However, the damage is actually a good thing, because when your body repairs them, your muscles grow and become stronger… immersing your muscles in ice immediately following workouts may expedite the healing process.”

How to Use Ice for Muscle Recovery

Whether you are immersing your injured muscles in a bath of ice or using an ice compression wrap, you should first follow the directions provided by a certified coach or trainer.

Icing sore muscles is a science and Hyperice compression wraps are engineered to give your muscles exactly what they need to recovery safely and effectively. Click here for a video on how to best use the Hyperice compression wrap

Hyperice in Action

The Science of Using Ice

Putting ice on an injury causes blood vessels to constrict, therefore reducing blood circulation. After you remove the ice from your injury, the blood begins flowing again rapidly, which helps to flush out the lactic acid and provide a new supply of oxygen, thus aiding muscle recovery. 

This also reduces swelling, keeping you and your muscles happy!

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