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Each Hyperice device is composed of two parts that work together as a system to maximize cold and compression and deliver optimal cold therapy.
These two components are:

1) Hyperice Ice Cell with air release technologyThe Ice Cell provides the "cold" component by harnessing the power of real ice which is loaded into the Ice Cell each time the Hyperice is used. Real ice is a powerful topical anti-inflammatory agent because of its superior ability to remove heat from the body and reduce tissue temperatures.
AIR RELEASE VALVEThe patented air release valve removes air from the ice cell to enable maximum compression. When applied to the body, ice draws heat out of the body, slowly melting the ice to water. As this happens, pockets of air build up in the ice cell creating a barrier between the ice and the compression wrap. Releasing air from the ice cell allows the compression wrap to maintain constant pressure on the ice, thereby delivering optimal compression throughout the icing process.
ULTRA-THIN CELL SKINOur ultra-thin, proprietary formula harnesses the power of real ice and quickly transfers cold to the body. Medical grade material, formulated with an antimicrobial solution to prevent the growth of microbes (bacteria, fungi). Durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of daily use, this flexible cell skin can be stretched and molded to the body without puncturing or damaging the ice cell.
PRECISION HARDWAREDesign features include
1) Flange collar- locks ice cell into compression wrap for stability
2) Internal and external o-ring seals- prevent air and water leaks
3) Wide mouth opening- allows ice of all shapes and sizes to be loaded into ice cell

2) Hyperice Compression Wrap Each Hyperice compression wrap is designed to apply firm pressure to the Ice Cell, pushing all excess air trapped in the cell to the surface. By pressing the air release valve, the excess air is removed from the unit- allowing the compression wrap to make direct contact with the ice, forming an "ice cast" around the desired body part. Here are some of the features that make the system work:
INNOVATIVE DESIGNEach Hyperice compression wrap is specifically designed to provide optimal compression to specific body parts. Every line, curve, and groove has been carefully positioned to optimize form, fit, and function. Multidirectional straps and tension layers are just a few of the innovative features that have been implemented in the first generation product line.
PREMIUM MATERIALS 1) Premium water-grade neoprene foam- used to make high performance wetsuits, this stretch foam conforms to the body for a comfortable fit
2) Plush finish- allows compression straps to attach anywhere on the surface of the wrap, making it simple to adjust tension
HIGH TECH LYCRA BINDINGLatest innovation in technology, these "hooks" will not fray the surface of the wrap and will not wear over time. Strong enough to hold tight, yet easy to take off after use. Lycra Spandex trim finishes off the product and protects the edges from fraying. Premium grade nylon threading holds it all together.
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