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"Getting my foam roll on before I golf with the Vyper" - Michelle Wie, LPGA
"During the AllStar break we worked! Thanks to my trainer David Alexander and Team @dbcfit for putting the right plan together so I can excel on the court." - Dwayne Wade
“These things are INTENSE and we love them!! They have 3 vibration settings on all of their devices (we prefer the highest speed) that actually makes the self massage more bearable and hurt LESS while still effectively releasing the muscle tissue and increasing blood flow to the area. ” - @Moveu_official
"I use a Hyperice shoulder wrap.It’s my favorite ice bag, ever. There's a button you push that gets all the excess air out so it can be as customized as possible, per use. When I first got hurt, I would ice 20 minutes on, 40 minutes off, and do that repeatedly. Now, I'm kind of 10 minutes on. And I'll do that a couple times a day." - Olympian Gold Medalist, Kerri Lee Walsh
"The Brodie's ready..." with his @hyperice knees ?? - NBA All Star and MVP, Russell Westbrook
Custom Hyperice ice compression devices fit for Lebron James
“Skateboard or know someone who does? Then you know how incredibly sore you get practicing and working on tricks. With limited time to shoot, the VYPER maximizes warm and recovery for the skateboarders, so they can keep skateboarding and get cool clips.”  - Chris Ray, Skateboarding Film Maker 
“Running through quick ‘self-love’ sequences after a hard Barry's class. Thank you @hyperice for the amazing products! Loving them.” - Laurie Campbell, Barry’s Bootcamp Instructor
“Spending the majority of my next few days mobilizing and laughing.  Lots of Hyperice and Romwod are in my future as I reset and prepare myself for Gridleague season.” - Shiela Sue, Crossfitter
“The Hyperice products were used by me before and after every ride on my 600 km journey down to the Oregon coast. This tool goes with me every time I travel recovery . This is not a sales pitch - it's a conscious fitness consumer call to action.” - Chad Benson, Director of Education Steven Nash Sports Clubs
In the prototype stages Anthony tracked down Kobe at UCI working out with and gave Kobe an ice bag and wrap and asked for his honest opinion. Kobe responded saying it was "sh**" and gave his suggestions including making the bag square shaped instead of round (which is still it's shape today). That drove Anthony to create a better product and led him to create some of the best sports recovery products on the market. - Behind the Scenes from Lakers’ Instagram
“The HYPERSPHERE is the most amazing tool for recovery, reducing muscle soreness, myofacial release even warm ups! I use this every time before I head on my daily run.” -Hannah Powers, Spartan Racer
"Thank you @hyperice for always relieving my soreness with this #Hypersphere" Country singer/ songwriter Thomas Rhett
“This was recommended to me by my physical therapist for deep tissue relief. This one actually gets the blood circulating after using it for a while, then you know it's working. You can feel the muscle(s) heating up, and this gives you the relief you need prior to and after workouts or when experiencing deep tissue fatigue or problems physically.” - Wes Turner, Marathon Runner
"This ball is amazing!! I had first used it from one of the trainers at my gym. Rolls out my calves very quickly, I did not have to stretch them for 2 days." - Natalie Martin, Equinox Gym Member
“Oh you know, just sittin' in my office chair, back is killing me, and I am daydreaming of going home and putting on my Venom Back Brace from Hyperice.” - Derek Bayles, @Gingerbeardfit
"I purchased for my mom who had total knee replacement and loves it. She says it is easy to use and even helps with her arthritis! This has been a gem for her.” - Kenzie Coy, Verified Purchased from Hyperice.com
“I have been treating my father's tremors and muscle rigidity with the HyperIce Vyper and HyperSphere with wonderful success, and hope that others suffering with Parkinson's can benefit from this AMAZING therapy. Hopefully this new research being published will help spread the word ” - Anna Schmalfeldt, Kinesiologist and Personal Trainer
“I'm preparing for the fight, you prepare for the weekend. Everyone needs recovery." - Robert Helenius, Nordic Heavyweight Boxer