Hyperice | Recovery and Movement Enhancement Technology


Nominated as the "Best Recovery Tools" by Runner's World Magazine, The Hypervolt and Hypervolt Plus can easily target any muscle group to transform your warmup and recovery time.


Imagine an experience that can recharge your entire body. Arms, legs, glutes or back, our vibration technology integrates high-intensity vibration to soothe and energize muscles that need it most.

Heat and Vibration

Your muscles give power to your whole body. Give them the support they need with a cutting-edge, digital wearable device that uses heat and vibration to soothe, energize and loosen your muscles.

Ice Compression

The ultimate ice compression experience. Relieve sore muscles with a portable and reusable ice compress, patented with an air-release valve.
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Top picks

Proven technology optimizes maneuverability and enhances your longevity.
The Hypervolt Plus features a powerful 90W high-torque motor which delivers 30% more power.
A little goes a long way. Perfect for travel and on-the-go, the ‘Mini’ offers a therapeutic vibrating massage.
Light in your hand, quiet on the ears. At a compact 2.5lbs, the Hypervolt can easily target any muscle group.