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  1. Hypervolt Plus (Bluetooth®)
    Hypervolt Plus (Bluetooth®)
    Special Price $329.00 Regular Price $399.00
  2. Hypervolt (Bluetooth®)
    Hypervolt (Bluetooth®)
    Special Price $279.00 Regular Price $349.00
  3. Normatec Pulse 2.0 Legs
    Normatec Pulse 2.0 Legs
    Special Price $845.00 Regular Price $1,295.00
  4. Hypersphere Mini
    Hypersphere Mini
    Special Price $69.00 Regular Price $99.00
  5. Vyper 2.0 / Black
    Vyper 2.0 / Black
    Special Price $139.00 Regular Price $199.00


Percussion technology provides targeted pulses of
pressure into the muscle tissue of the body, helping to
relieve muscle pain, stiffness and soreness, and
increase range of motion.
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Dynamic air

Dynamic air compression effectively mimics the
natural motions of the arms and legs to move
metabolites and fluids from the limbs after intense activity.
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Vibration technology consists of repeated rapid
oscillations of localized pressure into the body’s
muscle and connective tissues.
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The therapeutic application of heat causes a change
in temperature of the soft tissues which can help
decrease joint stiffness and relieve muscle spasms.
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Ice compression technology combines cold and
compression to help pump away edema, reduce
swelling, and soothe away pain.
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Surprising power and whisper-quiet operation.
Dynamic Air Compression Warm Up and Recovery System with Patented Pulse Massage Technology.
Give power back to your whole body. The Vyper 2.0 fuses 3 levels of vibration to soothe and energize muscles.
Powerful yet small, the Hypersphere helps unlock the body using high-intensity vibration and pressure.

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