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Anthony Katz founder, creator of vibrating foam roller, fitness roller used by professional athletes
Why we created the VYPER- From Hyperice Founder, Anthony Katz
22nd June 2017
"I created the Vyper because I wanted to create the ultimate soft tissue tool that any person, regardless of their fitness, could use.  Traditional foam rolling is a static treatment, relying solely on pressure.  I started working on the project back in 2012 after seeing vibration being used in other forms, such as vibrating platforms. After researching all the science on the effects vibration has on the body, I felt that putting vibration directly inside a device that people already use everyday- like a fitness roller- would deliver a beneficial experience for the user.  The Vyper is a tool that combines pressure and vibration to help release the fascia, increase circulation, and relax the muscles.  The key to the product is the power and frequency generated by the motor and transmission which changes the physiology of the body.  Once the product was developed, we had  a top University due testing on the product on 50 subjects.  The results exceeded our expectations showing that the vibration amplitude and frequency we were able to deliver in the product dramatically increased range of motion."