Be Better


At Hyperice, equality has always been a part of our it is part of our mission. Racism has no place in any civil society, and the right to be treated equally is a basic human right.
We are committed to being part of the solution, and we stand in solidarity with all of those who strive to create a better future.

  1. June 2020 Donated to Equal Rights Initiative
    Company leadership meeting, “Pursuit of Equality"
  2. July 2020 Launch "Athletes Voice" Platform
    Updated Company Mission, “Be Better"
    Donated to "1 Million Miles for Justice”
  3. August 2020 Blake Griffin, Ernest Baker collaborate to deliver “Humanity"
    "Humanity" airs on National TV during NBA Playoffs
  4. September 2020 “Humanity” featuring Naomi Osaka airs during US Open
    Hyperice’s Athlete Voices shares Osaka’s Statement
  5. October 2020 Hyperice formalizes the Be Better council-
    organized by Hyperice employees that decide on the resources and plans for the company’s
    ‘Be Better’ mission.