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How quiet is the Hypervolt?

The ability to use the Hypervolt in any setting is the ultimate luxury. You can treat muscle tension and relax while using the Hypervolt because of its Quiet Glide ™ technology.

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Innovation is in our DNA

Since the ideation of the ice compression line, Hyperice has established a ethos built on innovation.

Hypervolt featuring Quiet Glide technology

Developing new technologies

Over four years ago, we set out to develop the most powerful, quiet, and sophisticated vibration massage device on the planet. We did just that- Since our launch less than a year ago, the Hypervolt featuring Quiet Glide Technology is the award-winning technology used by the pros and everyone’s favorite gift this year.

Vyper 2.0

The game changer

In 2014, Hyperice and its engineering team (formerly in the aerospace field) launch the world’s first ever high-intensity vibrating fitness roller, the Vyper. Since then, we the Vyper 2.0 has become the staple in warm up and recovery.


Setting the standard

A digitally connected wearable heat and vibration device had never been done before. Featuring our propietary nano-technology, the Venom redefined the relaxing treatment.


Power + portability

Self-myofascial release has been a effective way to improve your mobility, but we knew it could be better. With a robust design, the Hypersphere packs our patented high-intensity vibration technology to change how well you can move.

Ice Compression

Icing reinvented

The product that started it all. Designed in collaboration with the world's best athletes, this recovery staple paved the way for the brand's future innovations.

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Gift Guide: Smart Gadgets for the Techie in your Life

Shop the Vyper 2.0, world's most powerful vibrating fitness roller- here

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Best Gift for a Fitness Lover

Hyperice Vyper 2.0

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Hyperice Technology at Life Time

With over 100 destinations, Life Time's mission is to deliver a full fitness, health, and wellness experiences for members.

" A Higher Standard of Health equips you for self-improvement." - Life Time

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Hypervolt: Innovation in Luxury Spa

At Hyperice we continue to redefine health, wellness and vitality. And now, within luxurious spas, massage therapists have advanced their bodywork techniques and treatments with the Hypervolt.

Now a premier enhancement in spas across the globe, the Hypervolt provides for an invigorating massage treatment, custom to each client's requests.

To celebrate the launch of our latest innovation, the Hypervolt will be featured at ISPA 2018, the leading summit for hoteliers, physicians, wellness instructors, nutritionists, and massage therapists.

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Hyperice at Nike LA's Just Do It HQ

This summer, Nike built the ultimate training location in Los Angeles, CA. A destination like no another, athletes, trainers and fitness enthusiasts alike could train and recover with the most advanced equipment to date.

So when Nike broke ground on this training experience, Hyperice revealed their first Vyper 2.0 and Hypersphere charging station to accompany the exclusive Nike sessions. Throughout the summer, Hyperice was the go-to for warm up and recovery.

Led by Founder, Anthony Katz and elite trainer Robbie Davis, the Hyperice provided a signature Hyperice Mobility Workshop- where you learned how to unlock and mobilize for true training performance.

Click here to create your own Hyperice Mobility Workshop

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Injury Prevention for Gamers

In traditional sports, professional athletes know their health is a priority for superior performance. However, now in a new age of sports, like eSports- do these gamers do the same?

Gamers and leagues continue to raise the bar within eSports. Besides their superior hand-eye coordination and unparalled reflexes, elite esports gamers are playing up to 16 hours a day to maintain their competitive edge.

So, as gamers continue to advance their craft, broadcast on Twitch daily or compete in these large scale tournaments like the International, it’s time gamers care for their profession like traditional pros train for their respective sport.

It was with this notion in the mind that Foundry IV and Hyperice decided to partner and deliver the first ever Competitve Gaming Global Health and Wellness Program - “Move”, a New Sports Initiative.

Click here to learn more about Move, the New Sports Initiative here

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What does recovery in fitness mean? The difference between active versus passive recovery

Active Recovery versus Passive Recovery

Athletic recovery has taken many forms. A trainer says take a rest day another suggests a sports massage. The main differentiator is this- active recovery and passive recovery can seem synonymous, when actually, they are two very different forms. May seem obvious, but active recovery is what we need to focus on- not just on a “rest” day, but daily. To actively recover, means you are focusing on the areas of the body that may need tending to. You may feel sore in a particular muscle group, tight when you move in a certain direction, or simply stiff. Sure, resting will help soreness and tightness subside eventually, but WHAT IF you could mitigate these issues faster and more enjoyably? There are several options when selecting active recovery. You can opt for:

Have questions on how to actively recover? Contact our customer experience team at

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Hyperice Recovery Zone on the Under Armour Mountain Trail Series

Over three mountains terrains, trail runners from around the world are testing their limits on the Under Armour Mountain Running Series. Up to 50k courses with varying elevations, runners take on the Rocky Mountains, Appalachians, Appalachians, and Cascade Volcano.

UA Recovery Zone powered by Hyperice

Before and after accomplishing a grueling course, athletes enjoyed their time in UA Recovery Zone, titled Recover Faster. Complete with our entire vibration line- the Vyper 2.0, Hypersphere, and Hypervolt became the runner's favorite in this unmatched experience.

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