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July 20, 2016

The Snatch one of the two lifts pivotal in weightlifting and Crossfit, a very simple movement, but challenging when pilling on the plates. Several competitors in this year’s Crossfit Games often complained about their “shoulder issues”. From explosive movements and testing one’s strength, mobility needed to compete for the “Fittest Man or Women on Earth” is pillar for success. Without a solid range in motion (ROM), Cross fitters and weightlifters lose their solid foundation for lifting.

To increase range in motion specifically in the snatch movement or overhead squat, you have to start from the grip strength and move into shoulder activation.

Solutions by Hyperice breaks the static to dynamic movements using the high intensity vibration technology of the HYPERSPHERE for a proper dynamic warm up. From a standard warm up, the HYPERSPHERE can dig into the painful trigger point spots that are inhibiting proper form (aka shoulder impingement)