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September 21, 2015
The RAPTOR is the newest innovation in the Hyperice family, an essential device for any training room, physical therapy office, or sports medicine clinic.
The mission of Hyperice has been to ensure that athletes, weekend warriors, and fitness enthusiasts alike have the most advanced tools to recover better and move better. The RAPTOR is the first percussion technology device in our line of advanced recovery and movement enhancement technology.

So what does it do and why is it so important? Raptor technology provides deep tissue percussive penetration with minimal to no discomfort. The 3600 percussions per minute significantly improve the effectiveness of soft tissue treatment compared to direct touch or deep tissue massage. The RAPTOR offers four unique applicators to target specific areas of the body or treatment protocols.

“Hyperice continues to develop the highest standard of recovery products while upholding integrity in a world of innovation. The RAPTOR has not replaced the importance of therapeutic recovery, but rather ENHANCED the process and streamlined treatments. THE RAPTOR is essential in my clinics.”
-Dr. Mike Clark, Head of Hyperice’s Scientific Advisory Board; Founder and CEO of Fusionetics

The RAPTOR is the first of its kind and was much needed!

“Repetitive motion over time whether it’s shooting a basketball or sitting in front of a computer causes compensation and compensations causes dysfunction. In order to correct dysfunction one begins with myofascial release while allowing for a diverse set of therapeutic techniques and protocols. Percussion technology is the cutting edge for professional athletic trainers and therapists and the RAPTOR is the gold standard in industry.”

- Gary Vitti, Lakers Head Athletic Trainer, First generation adopter of the RAPTOR

Performance therapy has evolved drastically and quickly, and Hyperice is setting the trend. The RAPTOR is helping to redefine how we move and recover better.

Watch the RAPTOR in use by our newest Hyperice athlete, Patrick Peterson