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August 10, 2015
Icing and compression have been around decades, and have been used by everyone and anyone. After a player sprains an ankle, his/her athletic trainer scrambles to create the best treatment possible, often times including a bag of ice wrapped around the injury with whatever is available; “rest, ice, compression, elevate” . For those of you athletes, (or former athletes) R.I.C.E has been the next set of letters you learned after your ABCs growing up.
“Just ice it”, the proverbial phrase we all have heard after a strain sprain, bruise or tear. As we all know, the normal treatment is not glamorous or convenient by any means. Your ice bag ends up leaking, you can’t move around, the wrap becomes soaked, leaving you with nothing but a wet knee and a dripping mess.

Hyperice’s patented ice compression devices have revolutionized these traditional methods. The Hyperice two-part system incorporates a patented ‘Air Release Valve’ and ‘Hyperice Compression Wrap’ to ensure optimal cold therapy transfer through evenly distributed compression. This combined duel-action mechanism helps to create a perfectly tailored ice-cast for exceptional results.

Beyond the cryo-therapy benefits of a faster recovery, Hyperice has made “hypericing” essential to recovery, even by your favorite athletes, such as Blake Griffin, Lebron James and Dwayne Wade.

Unfortunately, we all can’t be Lebron and Dwayne, but by using our ice compression devices, our bodies can sometimes feel like we are.