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Be the best in class
Be the best in class
March 16, 2017
We love the treadmill.  Crazy right? How could we love going on the dreaded hamster wheel with the intention to get shredded. 

Our trick is that we look to maximize our time with better results. A HIIT (high-tensity interval training workout) on the treadmill consists of high intervals, i.e. fast speeds for short durations followed by recovery at a slower pace, walking or jogging. Typical intervals are between 30 seconds to 1 minute, based on your level. 

  "Personally I feel it is one of the most effective and efficient workouts that can be done anywhere when short on time. In my experience, the shorter runs with high intensity intervals seem to create less wear on my body and joints when compared to longer runs with low intensity. " 

Hyperice CEO, Jim Huether

HIIT workouts shock you body from hitting a performance plateau, which can be a blessing and curse. It's amazing because your body will burn more calories AND help build your endurance, but can also be a precursor to injury if you neglect warming up and recovery post workout.

For example, your body is pushing from a 9.0 mph back down to 4.0, your body ends up having to "pump the “brakes" between speeds. And just like when you need to get your brakes checked on a car, you need to get your body "checked" as well. 

Using the HYPERSPHERE to pin point those sore areas before AND after your hit will have two major benefits. 

1. Increase your range of motion, specifically your gait (how fast your feet move when running) 
2. Recover faster without losing muscle mass, which equals faster results. 

  So next time you plan to step on the treadmill, try out the the HYPERSPHERE and VYPER. You’ll be prepared to take the HIIT on like a champ and reap the benefits.