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Introducing the VYPER 2.0
Introducing the VYPER 2.0
June 21, 2017
We are pleased to officially announce the launch of the VYPER 2.0. At HYPERICE, we continue to revolutionize the fitness industry with the best in recovery technology, VYPER 2.0's sleek and sophisticated design takes professional and fitness enthusiast's performances to the next level. Trailblazing the fitness recovery space with the creation of the first-ever high intensity vibrating foam roller, HYPERICE sets out to make one of the first, dual-zone, smooth and grooved surface rollers. The multi-use design conforms to the body's shape, offering users a smoother, more ergonomic roll. Grooves provide traction when applying myofascial release in a static position, while the rounded edges allow for customized support for all regions of the body. The cutting-edge roller is excellent for myofascial release, warm up, and reducing muscle soreness and stiffness for better all-around recovery. 

"We started our company in collaboration with some of the world's best athletes. Their feedback was key in the product development process and helped us create state-of-the-art products that deliver measurable results. As HYPERICE has grown, so has our consumer base," said Anthony Katz, founder of HYPERICE. "Our products are no longer just used by elite athletes -- they have become essential tools for fitness enthusiasts, personal trainers, physical therapists and their patients, and anyone looking to improve their overall soft tissue health. We designed VYPER 2.0 to be a universal product that provides a smoother roll while maintaining VYPER's powerful vibration core."

"We're coming full circle with the launch of VYPER 2.0," said Jim Huether, CEO of HYPERICE. "Rolling out the next generation of VYPER signifies our desire to constantly outperform ourselves and improve product for our consumers and athletes -- a strategy which has led us to great success.”