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The best product set for mobility
The best product set for mobility
August 6, 2017
“Recovery is crucial”, “Don’t forget to stretch”, “Do this to activate”, “Mobility is everything”, these proverbial sayings in fitness are repeated constantly, but how does this matter to you? Instantly you tell yourself, “but, I worked out, I eat my veggies, I try and sleep, so what gives?” 

What your coach, trainer, fitness instructor is trying to say is that without ACTIVELY recovering or warming up, you will not reap the full benefits of your workout or exercise. You know that feeling you get after crushing your workouts for 4 days straight and on the 5th day, you just can’t move. Granted you will experience delayed onset muscle soreness with intense physical activity even after one physical activity session, but by the 5th day you’re saying “UNCLE!” Chances are, your week was rushed, you laced up your shoes, bolted into your run, or hopped into a class and sprinted after class to go on with your day.

Well, at Hyperice we have a new challenge for you- expense 5 of those minutes that you would spend torching calories or adding in another set of reps for 5 minutes with the Vyper and Hypersphere. On this 5th day of your personal fitness schedule, pick an area where you are extremely sore and spend 2 minutes on the Vyper followed by 2 minutes on the Hypersphere.

Let’s pick your glutes for example. Spend 1 minute (level 1 or 2) on the left glute, 1 minute on the right glute (level or 2). After rolling on the Vyper, switch to the Hypersphere and pin point those areas i.e. periformis, glute maximus or glute medius. Just 5 minutes post workout you’ll expedite the soreness, flush lactic acid faster and regain the mobility you probably lost powering through that workout.

Give it a shot, we dare ya champ.