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What are Hypertoons?
What are Hypertoons?
August 6, 2017
After proclaiming that we had to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of the VYPER VG1, we knew a birthday card would not do. Remembering the days of comic book heroes, we realized that the VYPER has been the hero for athlete’s recovery.

With a concept in mind, our team brainstormed, sketched, and snapshotted a storyline that we’re proud to share. The first series of Hypertoons was launched July 14th in a 6 part series. Volume 1 of Hypertoons unfolds into the preparation and celebration for he Vyper’s 3rd Birthday. The rest of the Hyperice technology come to life to set up at the Vyper’s birthday, inviting all of our Hyperice athletes, including Blake Griffin, Lindsey Vonn, and Patrick Peterson, for an exclusive party where only the products used by the world’s best athletes were invited.

The next volume of Hypertoons will be released later this summer. See the first series below and stay tuned for more on the Hypertoon story @hyperice on Instagram.