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Warm up, train, and recover like a Marine
Warm up, train, and recover like a Marine
September 14, 2017
To be combat ready, you must be combat fit. 

This is the motto for the US Marines new fitness regimen- HITT: High-Intensity Tactical Training. Endorsed by the NSCA, HITT is a workout program focused on strength, power, speed, agility and endurance with emphasis on preventing injury and overtraining. So when the 2017 HIIT: Ulimate Tactical Competition began at Camp Pendleton, our high- intensity vibration technology was needed to keep the Marines moving their best throughout the obstacles. As each Marine conquered the obstacles and events, break and rest periods were spent rolling out with the Hypersphere and Vyper. Throughout the day, on the prestine grass, you would find a crew of Tactical Athlete’s performing proper self myofascial release before being timed to climb 20 foot walls, swing 200 pound tires, or run for time before one male and one female were selected as the Inaugural HITT champion.

Hyperice is honored to provide the tools that help our military move and recover their best.

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