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When do you use a ball versus a roller?
When do you use a ball versus a roller?
October 26, 2017
A foam roller and a ball are both very useful in activating and soothing muscles, and Hyperice has two products that do those two things very well. The Hypersphere is our high-intensity vibration massage ball and the Vyper is world’s most powerful vibrating fitness roller. But how do you know when to use them? Let us tell you!


Compared to other SMR/ massage balls, the Hypersphere helps to pinpoint and release trigger points faster, deeper, and less painfully using high-intensity vibration. It can be used to activate, soothe, or loosen muscles and fascia in the feet, calves, hamstrings, gluteus, hip flexors, shoulders, back, and forearms.The Hypersphere is portable and only 5” in diameter, which helps to release tension in targeted areas deeper than any roller.  The vibration in the Hypersphere can help to relieve plantar fasciitis, tight hips, tension in upper/ lower back, sore pec, or tight piriformis.


The Vyper VG1 and Vyper 2.0 allow you to warm up, activate and recover faster and more effectively than any other roller. They are the optimal self myofascial release tools to increase flexibility, circulation, and reduce muscle soreness and are two times more effective than regular foam rolling. The Vyper is ideal for warming up the body before physical activity because it increases circulation and using it helps to loosen and lengthen muscles to increase flexibility. After a workout, rolling on the Vyper will reduce muscle soreness and stiffness for better recovery.