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Crunch gym sweat shed powered by Hyperice
Crunch gym sweat shed powered by Hyperice
September 14, 2017
Below the streets of Manhattan, underneath 59th Street to be exact, lies a music-pumping, high-intensity workout called- Sweat Shed. 

Crunch Gym launched this 50 minute HIIT interval class with the mindset to create a space where every class is never the same, focus on full body, and guaranteed sweat. But instead of just sprinting right in burpees, rope swings, or rowing, Crunch made sure to equip the Sweat Shed with Hyperice technology- making sure the class properly warms up and recovers. Utilizing the Vyper to start, teammates can roll out, activate specific muscle groups so they are properly warmed up within 5 minutes of class. Setting up the body to actually be more loose and flexible gives Sweat Shedders the ability to perform through workout with more power, speed, and strength. Then, after a partner-planned exercise to finish, the Vypers and Hyerspheres roll out, giving Shedders the deep -relaxing experience of focusing on breath, stretching, and prevention of soreness. Cued by a Sweat Shed instructor, the final 5 minutes with Hyperice allows the class to still feel loose and limber when the step out the shed. So, when in Manhattan, go check out the Sweat Shed- open for drop ins at Crunch 59th Street Gym.