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The importance of cold therapy for recovery by dr.Mike Clark
The importance of cold therapy for recovery by dr.Mike Clark
June 24, 2014
As a sports medicine specialist dedicated to human performance and advanced recovery solutions, I’m always looking for the latest and most effective methods to enhance my practice. I had been following Hyperice and their dedication to improving cryotherapy treatment, or cold therapy, for quite some time before officially partnering with the injury prevention and recovery-focused brand earlier this year. After extensively testing their innovative ice compression device line, I appreciated their dedication to creating effective cryotherapy solutions, as cold therapy has always been a pillar in recovery treatment.
There are several reasons why cryotherapy is essential in this process. Most people know that cold temperatures are often used to treat swelling, pain and muscle spasms as a means of speeding up recovery time. This happens through a process called “vasoconstriction” where toxins are flushed from the muscle and skin surface tissues, enriching the red blood cells with oxygen, nutrients and enzymes while toxins are flushed from peripheral tissues. Cryotherapy also increases the body’s metabolic rate, which helps athletes overcome performance plateaus and increases energy. It promotes the overall feeling of wellness and vitality, which is proven to boost performance in an elite, technologically advanced way. Adding compression to the equation is equally important because it increases oxygen flow to the muscles, which not only speeds up the recovery process, but also allows you to exercise longer. Compression also facilitates improved removal of exercise induced metabolic byproducts both during and after exercise which helps maintain muscle strength and performance and thereafter speeds up your recovery time.

The combination of both ice and compression is the ideal solution for treating wear and tear on athletes bodies, which over time can reduce all stiffness and swelling associated with arthritis. Cryotherapy treatment is tested and proven to facilitate positive results, and Hyperice is on the forefront of science, technology and innovation in this incredibly important recovery process.