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Don't just ice after an injury, Hyperice to prevent one
Don't just ice after an injury, Hyperice to prevent one
November 22, 2015
We are told often “I don’t have an injury, so why do I need to use an ice compression device?” The answer: to avoid it from happening in the first place.
Preparation is essential to every athletes ability to perform. You pack your gym bag, you warm up, you mentally prepare for the game ahead, you finish the game, you rest, recover, and then repeat. Our ice compression devices are not just designed to accelerate injury recovery, they are used for the prevention of injury.

Portability, quality and convenience were top product design priorities, so that “Hypericing" would be less of a chore, and more of a lifestyle decision. (For convenience, for those of you who don’t have crushed ice we have developed Hyperice Fuel, a re-usage synthetic ice). So if you’re debating Hyperice, don’t think any further. Just remember… healing acceleration and injury prevention will help to enhance performance. An injury is already a burden, let Hyperice prevent the burden.