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Everything you need to know about the raptor
Everything you need to know about the raptor
November 22, 2015
The RAPTOR is known to most as a very intimidating creature, but Hyperice’s RAPTOR is an essential tool to help us all move and feel better. The RAPTOR is a state- of- the art system that enhances and accelerates therapeutic recovery in sports medicine, post-operative recovery and general physical rehabilitation. Its rapid mechanical percussions penetrate several layers of muscle with up to 3600 percussions per minute!
The RAPTOR is a class 1 medical device and is best used for increasing range of motion, breaking up scar tissue, and facilitating myofascial release.

The benefit of using the RAPTOR ( as opposed to other forms of traditional treatments is that is does not engage Inflammatory Response (IR) whereas Manual Therapy causes an inflammatory response. To further explain, anytime a therapy creates pain, it sends a message to the brain, the brain sends reinforcement in the form of fluid, i.e. and inflammatory response. The RAPTOR bypasses IR because it is a pain free treatment that facilitates immediate myofascial release. The RAPTOR can provide immediate relief and instant gratification, which can lead to a faster recovery.

Percussion Therapy not only engages the surface, but penetrates through all layers of muscles, ligaments, and tendons. For example, when working on the back, you can feel the percussion through your chest. Percussion therapy even breaks up scar tissue into little pieces allowing the body to metabolize the excess.

The RAPTOR is best for: Back, Arms, Glutes, and Leg muscles… the bigger the muscle the better it feels!

The RAPTOR includes 4 applicators, which can be used anywhere, but are designed for specific muscle groups.


Pointy: Scar Tissue (surgery and injury) “pin-point” the injury, small boney areas

Thumb: kneading

Smaller circle: universal, smaller groups

Larger circle: universal, larger groups

The RAPTOR offers 6 levels which are adjustable depending on which muscle group you plan to focus on.


Level 1: 600

Level 2: 1200

Level 3: 1800

Level 4: 2400

Level 5: 3000

Level 6: 3600

The RAPTOR is the answer to minimizing treatment time, while maximizing treatment efficiency.