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Guest Blog: Hyperice used for injury recovery in sports medicine clinic
Guest Blog: Hyperice used for injury recovery in sports medicine clinic
July 18, 2017
Written by Dr. Mike Flores from AMP SPORTS MED AND RECOVERY In today's world of Sports Specialization at such a young age. The AMP SPORTS MED AND RECOVERY TEAM has developed SPECIFIC Assessment and Treatment protocols to prevent common injuries with specific sports Powered by Hyperice. AMP Sports Med and Recovery prides themselves in keeping these athletes active and with a competitive edge with our proprietary, innovative, and cutting-edge Assessment, Treatment and Recovery Program #WEareAMPrsm #TheAMPProgram

Such as:

  • ACL injuries in Soccer Players
  • Shoulder and Tommy John injuries in Baseball Players
  • Hip and Back injuries with Dancers, Gymnasts, and Competitive Cheerleaders
  • Shoulder and Hip injuries with Lacrosse Players
  • Head and Neck injuries with Football Players
  • Ankle injuries with Track Athletes
  • Shoulder and Back injuries with Volleyball Players

  • These are just to name a few....
    Furthermore, In today's world of “Overtraining”, Social Media’s “Next Cool Workout”, Private Workout gyms (ie CrossFit, Orangetheory Fitness, UFC Gyms, Hot Yoga, etc). We specialize in keeping you active and in your lifestyle. We are not “Physical Therapy,” nor are we a typical “Chiropractic Office.” We specialize in AMP THERAPY , something NO ONE ELSE OFFERS. I would be honored if you could come by our facility for a tour and treatment, so you can see the difference first hand. Listed Below is a more detailed description of what we do at AMP Sports Med and Recovery and how we utilize products from HYPERICE.

    AMP Therapy : Our proprietary AMP Therapy utilizes a state of the art mechanical device that breaks down scar tissue and stimulates over circulation throughout the body at a phenomenal rate. This percussion device is THE RAPTOR from HYPERICE. It runs at approximately 3500 rpm, with an in and out motion. This allows the machine to penetrate through multiple layers of the skin and muscle in order to release tension and tightness. Other soft tissue techniques only work on muscle fibers in a parallel fashion. AMP Therapy works on muscle fibers in a perpendicular fashion, allowing the muscles to be released in multiple directions at the same time. Studies have shown time and time again that this allows for a quicker repair and recovery for the body compared to any other treatment protocol in today’s Sports Therapy arena. AMP Therapy loosens up muscle fibers to the smallest degree and release free radical build up for better recovery and performance in every aspect of sports related injuries, as well as daily functions for quality living.

    Increased Performance
    Decreased Injury Time
    Increased Endurance
    Quicker Surgical Recovery
    Increase Range of Motion
    Easier, Faster and Healthier than Ice Baths Increased Mobility
    A Non-Invasive, Natural Process
    Increased Neuromuscular Firing
    Decreased Pain
    Decreased Muscle Soreness and Lactic Acid Psychological Competitive Edge

    AMP TECHNIQUES Powered by Hyperice

    This part of the treatment comprises of one-on-one time, which will include a review of previous treatment, a brief assessment, and treatment with our proprietary techniques utilizing The Raptor. This specific treatment technique will increase the fluid in the Extracellular Matrix to create free flowing body fluid in a society of sedentary work and lifestyle.

    VENOM from Hyperice is a Heated Vibration Unit that will increase tissue elasticity, joint mobility, and decrease pain and stiffness. AMP uses it for opening muscle blood flow and allowing the fluid around joints to lubricate and increase range of motion. Venom can also be applied during an Adjustment or Manipulation to allow the process to be easier to execute.

    VYPER from Hyperice is a cutting-edge fitness and recovery roller that combines traditional foam rolling with vibration to improve the body's overall performance. The Vyper has three adjustable vibration intensities to appeal to all age groups. The Vyper is excellent for routine foam rolling (i.e. warming up, pre-game) and self-performed myofascial release technique (MFR). AMP uses it for activating Pacinian Nerve endings or inhibiting Ruffini Nerve endings. This can either facilitate a faster firing muscle pattern or inhibit hypertonic neuromuscular structures.

    Hypershere is an essential tool for localized soft tissue therapy. Oftentimes, the Hypersphere is used as a complement to the Vyper because of its ability to more specifically target ball-and-socket joints, which include the rotator cuff and hips. Similarly to the Vyper, the Hypersphere has 3 adjustable intensities of vibration to appeal to all age groups. AMP uses it for firing up muscles the need Neuromuscular Activation. This tool can also be used to inhibit muscle groups that are hypertonic and can cause Functional Dysfunction.

    This step typically follows directly after AMP Therapy. This includes upper and lower extremity stretching and any additional stretch or range of motion exercises that the point person or specialist deems necessary. AMP applies HYPERICE products during this step to increase fluid to muscle, tendons and ligaments to increase range of motion to the applied structures that are being lengthened.

    Rock Tape is applied to stabilize the treatment and reinforce Neuromuscular Muscle activity while the patient is not in treatment. (as needed). AMP uses the Hypershere during Rocktape application to either activate or inhibit structures that RockTape is applied to.