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National foam rolling day with Google
National foam rolling day with Google
May 15, 2017
National Foam Rolling Day is a reminder to treat your body right, spend some time relieving sore muscles, and keep moving with no restrictions.  However, the VYPER, our vibrating fitness roller, takes regular foam rolling from a painful chore to a relaxing, self massage treatment.   

The Hyperice Team celebrated our national holiday with our friends at Google for Bike to Work Day. Hosted by the EXOS Training Staff on Google Campus, Googlers rode their bike to work. With an emphasis on health and enjoying the outdoors, some Googlers rode as far as 40 miles to work, from San Francisco to Google Global Headquarters in Mountain View, California.

So to make sure everyone can keep on googling, the Hyperice Recovery Station included foam rolling zones for the Vyper and Hypersphere, as well as Raptor treatments for bikers. Googlers continue to advocate the importance of fitness and health for all of their employees. As apart of Hyperice’s initiative of corporate wellness we are continuing to find and assist employees with innovative, easy to do exercises to perform even at their desk.