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Hyperice featured at SXSW
Hyperice featured at SXSW
April 2, 2017
Founder and President, Anthony Katz recently moderated a panel at the annual SXSW, where the leading innovators in technology, sports, film, media, music and lifestyle meet to discuss the latest topics in these industries. 

The panel titled "How Technology improves Human Performance”, included Super Bowl Champion DeMarcus Ware, Gold Medalist Volleyball Star Kerri Walsh and the Head of Nike Sports Performance, Ryan Flaherty. Katz moderated this panel with the focus on- Why is it, that the caliber of competition and athletic performance continues to to increase exponentially? The common trend highlighted by all panelists was the emphasis on recovery. Professional athletes are becoming more strategic with their fitness regimen, and working out smarter, rather than harder. With the growth of sports technology innovations, athletes can be more efficient with their time spent working out, recovering, sleeping, and ultimately competing.

As the recovery space continues to evolve at a rapid pace- it is discussions like this SXSW panel that remind us and inspire us to continue to advance science and technology to help us all move better.

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