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Sore from standing all day
Sore from standing all day
April 21, 2016
Music festivals are well underway, but that doesn’t mean you should lose your flexibility. Standing as you watch your new favorite band can be an unforgettable experience, so memorable your back and feet ache.
Avoid the pain and incorporate less than 10 minutes using the VYPER before catching the next artist on your lineup.

Complete each move for 3 minutes and you’ll feel like a rockstar ready for the festival-

1. Back

Sit on the floor with the VYPER on your lower back, resting your hands behind you for balance. Tighten your abs and slowly bend your knees to move the roller up your back, just below your shoulder blades.

2. HIP

Lie on your side with the VYPER under your right hip. Bracing your abs and glutes for balance, slowly roll down from your hip to your knee. Switch to the other side and repeat.


Stand with one foot on the ground, the other on the VYPER. To get started, place one foot across the top of the VYPER, apply some pressure to the bottom of your foot, and slowly roll from tow to heel.

4. Pack you VYPER and HYPERSPHERE for the next festival. Send your crew off with these good vibrations so everyone can move better.