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Innovation is in our DNA

Since the ideation of the ice compression line, Hyperice has established a ethos built on innovation.

Hypervolt featuring Quiet Glide technology

Developing new technologies

Over four years ago, we set out to develop the most powerful, quiet, and sophisticated vibration massage device on the planet. We did just that- Since our launch less than a year ago, the Hypervolt featuring Quiet Glide Technology is the award-winning technology used by the pros and everyone’s favorite gift this year.

Vyper 2.0

The game changer

In 2014, Hyperice and its engineering team (formerly in the aerospace field) launch the world’s first ever high-intensity vibrating fitness roller, the Vyper. Since then, we the Vyper 2.0 has become the staple in warm up and recovery.


Setting the standard

A digitally connected wearable heat and vibration device had never been done before. Featuring our propietary nano-technology, the Venom redefined the relaxing treatment.


Power + portability

Self-myofascial release has been a effective way to improve your mobility, but we knew it could be better. With a robust design, the Hypersphere packs our patented high-intensity vibration technology to change how well you can move.

Ice Compression

Icing reinvented

The product that started it all. Designed in collaboration with the world's best athletes, this recovery staple paved the way for the brand's future innovations.

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