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Innovation in Vibration Therapy

In the 1960s, astronauts began using whole body vibration platforms to maintain bone density and muscle mass while in space. Positive results were evident and NASA continues to rely on vibration therapy to this day.

In 2014 Hyperice and its engineering team (formerly in the aerospace field) launched a the first ever, portable, high-intensity vibration roller, The VYPER, designed with a proprietary frequency and amplitude optimal for the human body.This product soon became one of the most popular products for the worlds most elite athletes.In 2015 Hyperice launched the Hypersphere, a three-speed high intensity vibration ball. In 2018, the Hypervolt, featuring Quiet Glide Technology, the worlds most sophisticated cordless vibration massage device.

The benefits of all Hyperice vibration products are tremendous for recovery and warm up, and help to increase range of motion, flexibility and circulation .

Hyperice Vibration technology (Vyper and Sphere) and Vibration + Percussion technology (Hypervolt) have 4 primary effects on the body that all affect movement:

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