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Reduce stiffness and pain while traveling
Reduce stiffness and pain while traveling
September 14, 2017
Whether you are traveling in a car, plane, or train, sitting for a long period of time is not only uncomfortable, but can have a negative effective on your posture and physical movement. 

It’s easy to tell someone to sit up straight or stand up every 40 minutes, however that’s easier said than done. It’s important to realize that when you are shifting in your sit or feel some type of pain signal, its your body telling you to move out of that pain into a more comfortable position. So, to take care of your mobility, muscles and overall relief from the traveling pains, here’s the Hyperice prescription to try while on the road.

Start from the ground up

Most functional movements start from your feet and are the foundation to maximizing mobility. Use the Hypersphere to release and activate your lower body. Set the vibration to any level then place the Hypersphere on the ground. Roll the bottom of your feet from the ball to heel, the combination of SMR and vibration will not release tension, but also increase circulation and blood flow up the kinetic chain.

In the midst of the trip

The Venom, our heat and vibration portable back device, helps to soothe and loosen lower back muscles. To ease any pain, treat yourself to a lower back massage. Pack the VENOM in your carry-on so you can use anytime throughout your journey. Simply turn on the battery, snap it into place, wrap the Venom around your lower back, then adjust the vibration and heat settings to your liking. Increase the vibration pressure and intensity the heat, by leaning back against your chair.

Roll out your back at the end of your trip

After sitting in a chair that is not ergonomically situated for you, you may feel sore, tightness in your hip flexors, or built up “knots” in your upper and lower back. Spend just 5 minutes after you arrive to your final destination, releasing any tension, and regaining fludiity in the fascia with our vibrating ball.