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Pre-workout warmup with the Vyper
Pre-workout warmup with the Vyper
July 13, 2015
There’s this assumption that foam rolling is used solely for recovery. However, according to Dr. Mike Clark, Founder and CEO of Fusionetics and a global leader within the athletic performance and sports medicine industry, “If you want to get your body ready for a workout session, foam roll your calves, the outside of your IT band, your piriformis, your adductors, and your mid and upper back,” Clark says.
Focusing on the sensitive areas will enable you to relax, and therefore utilize your muscles for your workout ahead.

“Scientifically speaking, there are two muscle receptors to keep in mind. Between the muscle spindles which cause our muscles to contract versus the golgi tendon organ enabling the muscles to relax. They both should be in balance with one another, which allows the tissue to work without getting injured” Clark explains.

Foam rolling before stretching and exercising is like taking the parking brake off before you start driving your car, he says.

So the next time you tie up your sneakers for a workout, remind yourself, did I roll out with the VYPER? Your body will thank you, just like your car thanks you for taking the parking brake off.