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Which Hyperice foam roller is right for you?
Which Hyperice foam roller is right for you?
October 26, 2017
A foam roller is a self-massage tool that can be used before a workout to warm up and increase mobility and after a workout to reduce muscle soreness and stiffness for better recovery. Foam rollers are typically foam cylinders with a 5-6 inch diameter. Different foam rollers vary in firmness and exterior texture.

Hyperice has two products to get your foam rolling fix--the Relaxroll and Vyper. Unlike traditional foam rollers, the Relaxroll reduces pressure along the thoracic spine, and conforms to your body, allowing for an effective and comfortable roll. The Vyper takes things to the next level. Used daily by the world's most elite athletes, the Vyper is a cutting-edge fitness and recovery device that uses pressure and vibration to improve the body's overall physical performance. With three speeds of high-intensity vibration, it allows you to warm up, activate and recover faster and more effectively than any other roller.

Hyperice has How-To’s! Watch instructional videos on how to best use the Vyper

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