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Something for everything that's on your mind

Choose from our library of expert-led guided meditations, soundscapes and breathwork training sessions. All in sync with Core's guiding vibrations and lighting.

Guided meditations

For Premium subscribers, find a new kind of peace of mind each week with classes from our team of expert instructors.

Breath training

Learn to unlock one of the most powerful calming tools we have, our breath, through our extensive selection of breath training sessions.

Sound + music

Make some time and space to go unguided with soundscapes and background vibrations that support your inner calm and focus.

Meet your coaches


Originally from "America's Hat" (Canada), Devon is interested in activities that require simultaneous focus and release, such as dance, martial arts, and yoga.


Shundo David Haye is an ordained Zen priest. He came from England in 2000 to live at the San Francisco Zen Center, and spent fifteen years in residential training, including five years of monastic practice at Tassajara.


Micha started her meditation journey after retiring from open water swimming and becoming a mom. Her meditation practice helped her find tiny moments of calm in the midst of motherhood and process her experiences as an athlete.


Nikki’s purpose is to be a radiant expression of love, to bask in the beauty of life, and to create a space for others to courageously shine their light!


Sakina Williams is a Yoga Therapist who has been teaching and practicing yoga for 25+ years. Sakina teaches an undergraduate course, Yoga Theory and Application at Seton Hall University(D1) in the College of Education and Human Services.


Serena Jain is a Qualified Teacher of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction through the University of California, San Diego’s Center for Mindfulness, a Certified Integrative Health & Wellbeing Coach through Duke Integrative Health and she holds a BA in Communications from North Carolina State University.


Jen Bakane is a longtime fitness, wellness & holistic health enthusiast with a passion for dance.


Angelica is a yoga/meditation instructor born and raised in New York City. Having grown up in a fast paced environment she has found mediation as a way to anchor her.


Patricia Pinto is a Yoga Therapy and Meditation teacher based out of Miami Beach, FL. She has studied numerous traditions of meditation including Zen, Buddhist, Mindfulness, Transcendental, and Metta.


Susana is a yoga/mindfulness instructor from Bogota, Colombia, currently based in Oakland since 2014. When Susana moved to California, she remembers finding meditation as a healthy practice to support her transition into a new country.


Kimberley Cooper was born and raised in Scotland. After completing teacher training, and post-graduate studies in special needs, she traveled the globe for several years gaining insight, experiences, knowledge and education from all corners of the world.


Robin is owner and director of The Stress Management Center of Marin (SMC), founded in 2000 near San Francisco, CA. She has over 40 years experience with yoga therapy and 20+ year relationships with the Schurig Center for Brain Injury Recovery, MarinHealth, Bon Air Cottage (group home) and Kaiser Permanente.