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Hypervolt 2 Pro



Was $399

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What people are saying about Hypervolt 2 Pro

  • This provides way more power. If you exercise regularly and run, I recommend it. I really love it.

    Seth, Los Angeles
  • Does not disappoint. Sweet upgrade from the previous pro. Much better handle and much more quiet.

    Liz, Chicago
  • My family and I love this. It loosens up tightness and soreness in my back and the app is useful.

    AD, Lincoln
  • Best massage gun on the market! I recommend to anyone w/ pain from working out or sitting for hours.

    Rose, Everett

6 reasons you need a Hypervolt

Say goodbye to muscle fatigue

Get rid of muscle knots and loosen up. It’s amazing what you can do with your full range of motion.

Good vibes every day

Portable and always on-call. Think of Hypervolt like a massage therapist to massage away all your stress and tension.

Optimize your workouts

Get ready to rock. And recover right. The Hypervolt accelerates your warmup and recovery time like a boss.

The best use the best

There’s a reason the pros are the pros. They know how to treat their bodies right and you should too.

There’s an app for that

Hit all the right muscles and master the timing and intensity of your sessions with guided routines in the Hyperice App.

Do what you love. More.

At work or working from home, at the gym, or trailside on your run, Hypervolt helps you move better and do more.

Find which Hypervolt is right for you