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Stocking Stuffer Kit

Santa is filling the stockings with only Hyperice this year. We bundled our favorite, lightweight items that are easy for you to travel with and for everyone to move better.

Save ($35) on this Stocking Stuffer Kit valued at $115


The Stocking Stuffer Kit includes ALL of the following:

(1) Embroidered Hyperice Stocking ($15)
(1) AchillX ($29.99)
(1) SphereX ($19.99)
(3) Hyperice Exercise Resistance Bands ($24.99)
(1) Hypersoothe ($30)

AchillX: Patented contour design, the AchillX is the perfect self care tool for the calf, foot, neck, forearms and Achilles tendon. Made of lighweight EPP, the AchillX is great to travel with and for function.

SphereX: Like the AchillX, the SphereX is made of the same eco-friendly lightweight material. The SphereX allows you to pinpoint areas in the back, hips, glutes, shoulders, feet, hamstrings, and other concentrated areas to relieve tension.

HYPERICE EXERCISE RESISTANCE BANDS: An essential addition to any dynamic warm up, the Hyperice Exercise Resistance Bands come in 3 resistance levels: light, medium, and heavy. Featuring the signature ‘Move Better’ logo, this set is great for upper and lower body warm-up and corrective exercises. 

HYPERSOOTHE: A lightweight topical cream infused with essential oils and natural plant extracts to soothe the body’s muscles and joints. 

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