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Betina Gozo

5 Ways to Achieve Harmony and a Healthy Lifestyle

I spent most of my teens and early 20s playing music for a living, staying up really late, eating junk food, and living a relatively unhealthy lifestyle. My transition into a leader in health and wellness didn’t happen overnight. It took a lot of experimenting and education, but as I started making small changes to more good habits I felt powerful benefits, and working towards a healthier existence became contagious.

Have you ever been inspired by an amazing workout that leaves you with a euphoric feeling? Just one amazing workout like that can be a catalyst for you wanting to change your habits: to eat healthier, go to bed earlier, drink more water – you name it. But what happens when you get injured, or when work starts getting so busy that you can’t make that 5PM workout that you love so much? Do you start to fall off the wagon, missing your workouts, beginning to eat unhealthily, and stressing out more because of it? Like the domino effect of healthy habits, unhealthy habits can be the same.

Guess what? We’ve all been there. The key is meeting yourself where you are and being OK with it. It’s less about “finding balance” and more about finding “harmony”. When you’re trying to balance everything, you’re going to be constantly judging yourself, which can be more stressful. Instead, try to be mindful of everything you have going on while consciously making time for self-care to find the harmonious lifestyle that works for you.

The top things that have helped me do this are simply slowing down and becoming more aware. For me, this came through practicing meditation and journaling. When you start to track what your schedule is like, what you’re feeling, what your current habits are, you’ll find more awareness coming to you.

Here are some simple ways to help you find more harmony:

1. Incorporate a Meditation Practice Meditate 3-15 min first thing in the morning. Make it the first thing you do, before you check anything on your phone. New to meditation? Start a timer for 1 minute and breathe. That’s it.

2. Journal your thoughts right after your meditation. Not enough time in the morning? Make it the last thing you do before you go to bed to clear your mind. Take inventory of how you feel, and acknowledge things you are grateful for.

3. Schedule & Track Your Workouts Put them in your calendar like a meeting that you CAN’T miss. Busy? Then put 2 increments of 10-20 minutes throughout the day and just move a little bit.

4. Track Your Meals Use a meal tracking app. Too complicated for you? Just take notes on your phone or a notebook.

5. Prioritize Recovery for Overall Wellness Use the Hyperice App with your Vyper 2.0 or Hypervolt. Bonus: sit in the Normatec legs or wear a Venom belt to soothe back pain while you journal!