Innovation in Vibration Therapy

In the 1960s, astronauts began using whole body vibration platforms to maintain bone density and muscle mass while in space. Positive results were evident and NASA continues to rely on vibration therapy to this day.

In 2014 Hyperice and its engineering team (formerly in the aerospace field) launched a the first ever, portable, high-intensity vibration roller, The VYPER, designed with a proprietary frequency and amplitude optimal for the human body.This product soon became one of the most popular products for the worlds most elite athletes.In 2015 Hyperice launched the Hypersphere, a three-speed high intensity vibration ball. In 2018, the Hypervolt, featuring Quiet Glide Technology, the worlds most sophisticated cordless vibration massage device.

The benefits of all Hyperice vibration products are tremendous for recovery and warm up, and help to increase range of motion, flexibility and circulation .

Hyperice Vibration technology (Vyper and Sphere) and Vibration + Percussion technology (Hypervolt) have 4 primary effects on the body that all affect movement:

1. Fascia (myo-fascia) : Adding high amplitude and high frequency vibration to a static tool (roller) releases the myo-fasica much faster and more thoroughly than a static tool. Think of a manual toothbrush vs. SonicCare and how the friction from the vibration removes plaque from the teeth and massages the gums far superior to a manual toothbrush. There is a similar effect with Vyper on the fascia. This unlocks and un-knots the fascia and opens up space and pathways for the fluid to move.

2. Fluid: Vibration + Pressure creates tissue compression and tissue friction. Friction causes the tissue to heat up (see thermal imaging) and warm the lymphatic fluid. The vibration also moves the fluid - like a jacuzzi jet- through the body. The heating and movement of the fluid changes the viscosity of the fluid, making it more liquid. This has a lubricating effect on the body.

3. Muscles: The high amplitude and frequency vibration combined with pressure relaxes the muscle. In addition, the tissue is warmed (from the compression and friction) which makes the muscle feel looser and more pliable. Like putting cookie dough in the microwave before you roll it out- it becomes more pliable.

4. CNS (Central Nervous System): The CNS is activated around 5 G forces (Vyper is 5-7G). By activating the nervous system, we are improving communication between nerves and muscles. This has applications in injury recovery (rehabbing the shoulder with Hypersphere, retraining the nerves and muscles to interact) and also for performance warm up.

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To demonstrate how effective the Vyper is, Dr. Mike Clark, Founder of NASM and Fusionetics alongside Dr. Darin Padua conducted a range of motion study, to test the Vyper’s vibration technology in comparison to a regular foam roller (without vibration). During this study, 20 physically active adults were randomly selected, all of which noted having at least one myofascial trigger point issue prior to this study. The objective was to evaluate the differences between the Vyper (high-intensity vibrating roller) versus a standard foam roller without vibration.

The Test

To achieve an “active” sample set, each participant performed weight-bearing lunges and other similar movement patterns over the course of two weeks. Over this period, the study tested participants’ range in motion pre and post exercise. Of the 20 participants, 10 participants used a regular non-vibrating foam roller and 10 used the Vyper, the world’s most powerful high-intensity vibrating fitness roller. An embedded vibrating motor facilitates local muscle vibration. The vibration was turned onto Vyper setting 2 (60 HZ) selected for its frequency and amplitude.

Note: To achieve amplitude the Vyper uses a heavy weight that is driven by a patent pending transmission, which amplifies the vibration. Through the implementation of the Vyper protocol, which combines pressure and vibration therapy, the participants who used the Vyper experienced a significantly greater increase in range of motion than those participants who used a regular non-vibrating roller. In fact, the participants who used the Vyper demonstrated an increase in range of motion by up to 40% when compared to the participants who used a regular foam rollers. Additionally, the participants who used the Vyper reported a significant decrease in the pain associated with myofascial release on trigger points. This reduction of pain led to a greater range of motion and a more positive rolling experience overall. Through this scientific study, the Vyper was proven to provide significant benefits as it relates to the reduction of pain, flexibility, and increased range of motion.

Relentless Innovation by Hyperice

Hyperice has since launched the Hypersphere, a self-myofascial release ball with three levels of high-intensity vibration similar to the VYPER.The Hypersphere’s power and design are great for pinpointing specific areas of the body.

Due to its small 5” diameter, experts have found that while gripping the Hypersphere in your hand and performing static or dynamic shoulder movements, the vibration transferred to the shoulder complex creates an increased range of motion.

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Hyperice Lab: Thermal Imaging

Increased blood flow is a key indicator of an optimal warm up, which is another benefit of Hyperice vibration technology.

To see how positive effects of Hyperice vibration technology, we utilized thermal imaging technology, which measures temperature changes in the body due to increased circulation.

When using a standard foam roller, participants showed little to no increase in circulation. However, when participants used the Vyper 2.0, the circulation benefits were tremendous.

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The Hypervolt

In 2018 Hyperice launched the Hypervolt featuring Quiet Glide technology, a 3 speed cordless, hand held vibration massage device.

Much like the Vyper and Hypersphere, the Hypervolt relaxes muscles, and increases circulation for optimal warm up and recovery.

Delivering up to 3200 percussions per minute, the Hypervolt provides a similar physiological effect as the Vyper and Hypersphere, in a lightweight, handheld massage device.

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Testing the Hypervolt with thermal imaging

Like the Vyper and Hypersphere, we conducted thermal image testing using the Hypervolt.The tests focused on common areas of soreness in the body, a participant used the Hypervolt for 90 seconds on the quad and calf.

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